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Hard Proof That Even a Little Bit of Cheating Can Ruin Everything

You've probably heard the phrase, "The devil is in the details", but did you know it was attributed to Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a German architect? Well, the people on this list didn't mind the details at all!

Here at Bright Side, we're really against cheating. That's why we don't mind showing you how applying too little attention to something can ruin everything.

Even the mailman doesn't know how mail works!

Happy Dabby's Day!

But there’s a sign...

Guess it was a long day at work.

Wow... just wow

"Just slap it on there, no one will notice."

One's gonna stick for sure...

Satan has really lowered his prices!

This 7Up looks odd...

How did this happen?

This "go to the left, slightly down" elevator button

Not sure if this parking spot is for the disabled or for those riding horses...

Parking for smart cars

Quick, get the fire...hose?

Just one adida...

"Hey, GQ. I’m detail oriented and am available for hire."

Energize your salad!

These stickers seem a bit off...

"This was on my sister’s headphones."

No sale here, just some saas.

This keeps the window warm in the winter.

Which one of these made you say, "Oh man, you had one job!" Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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