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Hard Proof That Grandparents Make Our World a Little Brighter

Having 17 sons and daughters that we know of, Genghis Khan must have had hundreds of grandchildren, making one out of every 200 modern people a more or less direct descendant of his. People on this list might not have taken the "quantity approach" in grandparenthood, but they are totally taking the quality one.

We at Bright Side experienced so much joy collecting the stories for this article that we can't wait to share them - which one will be the most heartwarming for you?

My grandma’s "photo booth" she made for her retirement community’s luau

My grandma has a Rugrats Band-Aid from 1997 in her medicine cabinet.

This crocheted jeep tire cover

My grandma sent me a seagrape leaf from Florida as a post card.

My grandma with her birdhouse collection

My grandma's remote control has a cover to hide the complicated stuff.

This TV remote has an even more advanced grandma mode on the back side.

This 74-year-old grandpa grilling on his BBQ, enjoying life

This is Scooby. His grandma (whom I met on my walk home) brings him to the park so he doesn’t get too bored at home.

My 94-year-old grandpa meeting my 2 month old son

Grandma's Chicago cutlery after 35 years of use

Hardcore Pokémon hunting grandpa

My grandma has different colored carpet in each room of her house.

1902, My great, great, great, great grandpa was born a slave but made it to freedom. You go gramps!

My 92-year-old grandpa brings my 91-year-old grandma dinner in bed every night.

My grandfather always wears his favorite 70s suit to every family event. So as a surprise for his 80th birthday, we all dressed to match.

In 1989 my grandfather claimed he quit smoking. Today I found this.

This was taken on my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. My grandfather had Alzheimer's. He didn't remember pretty much anything but, as bad as it got, whenever he saw my grandmother he would say, "Look at my beautiful wife!"

My great grandfather gave Einstein violin lessons.

My 98-year-old grandfather used a computer today for the first time.

My grandmother spent the last 4 years typing her recipes on her typewriter recipe cards. These recipes have been passed down in my family and are now being passed to me.

My grandmother broke her wrist and it healed, but the doctor advised her to exercise it regularly as a part of her recovery. So she made these and we handed them out to kids in the hospital.

Now it's time to share the memories of your own grandparents so we can all enjoy them? It's fairly easy to do in the comments and remember - we love to hear from you!

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