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Have a Look at Photos That Are More Absurd Than Your Weirdest Dreams

We're surrounded by absurdity and chaos every day, so sometimes it's hard to surprise us. But between people's fantasies and nature itself, there's no telling what sights are waiting for us around the corner.

Bright Side has gathered 22 photos that are so strange you'll probably wish you could erase them from your mind.

How's this possible?

Any man who can do this should be allowed to.

It's difficult to find a balance between fashion and madness nowadays.

"Gave my granny a computer. Now it's bulletproof."

A lady driving her dog around in a radio-controlled BMW

He's wearing chainmail armor under his polo.

Always remember, don’t feed your kid to a crocodile.

Take a look at these birds with no wings!

Improvising can't always help you.

Freshly extracted cocoa beans

It's high time people with nails like these were fined.

We're serious.

"My mom just ruined my dog."

Nice croissants!

Stay out of this car.

"I didn't expect that."

Who could possibly like this?

"The way my boyfriend makes ramen"

"I was standing at a bus stop when this boy passed by. He was riding a bicycle and wearing a gas mask."

Take your laptop with you, it doesn't annoy anyone...

The house where your nightmares live

In case you think there are no accessories for your cheeks:

Have you ever seen any absurd things that puzzle you even now? Share with us in the comments.

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