Here’s Queen Elizabeth’s Diet That Keeps Her in Majestic Health

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of the UK, is turning 92 years old this year. While a lot has changed in the world during her reign, her food preferences have not changed much, according to her formal Royal Chef. Twice a week, the Queen receives a list of menu suggestions and she marks the suggestions she likes. What options are on this list?

We at Bright Side want to share with you what is known about the menu of the most famous woman in the world. Look for tips in this menu as, after all, eating the right food is a prerequisite for a longer, healthier life.

1. Tea with a biscuit before breakfast

The Queen starts her day early with a pot of freshly-brewed Earl Grey tea with no sugar and a few biscuits.

2. Breakfast with cereal and toast

The Queen's typical breakfast includes fruit and cereal. She sometimes treats herself with toast with jam or marmalade and, on very special occasions, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and some truffles. According to her former chef, she only enjoyed fresh truffles around Christmas when they were sent as a gift.

3. A glass of gin before lunch

Apparently, Her Majesty likes having a cocktail before lunch: gin and Dubonnet with plenty of ice and a slice of lemon. The recipe for this cocktail can be found online.

4. No starch for lunch (and dinner)

The Queen has her lunch served at 1:00 PM. It would typically involve fish such as a grilled Dover sole on a bed of wilted spinach or with courgettes or a simple grilled chicken with a salad. The Queen tends to avoid starchy foods most days, so there is no pasta, rice, or potatoes on the menu.

5. Afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches

Afternoon tea often comes with a honey and cream sponge cake, as well as chocolate biscuit cake, which Her Majesty adores. According to the former chef, McGrady, two types of sandwiches are obligatory at High Tea, such as cucumber, smoked salmon, and egg with mayonnaise or ham and mustard with no crusts. Additionally, the Queen enjoys jam pennies – buttered bread with jam cut into small penny-sized circles.

6. Well-done steak for dinner

Queen Elizabeth II prefers meat from local farms for dinner. Her favorite is a Gaelic steak, served with a sauce of mushroom, cream, and whiskey. She also loves a Sunday roast, and occasionally eats lamb, roast beef, mutton, or grouse. Whichever type of meat it is, it must be served well-done. The main dish is followed by strawberries or peaches, grown in her greenhouses at Windsor Castle.

7. A glass of champagne after dinner

Some sources claim that Queen Elizabeth II finishes her day with a glass of champagne. This champagne is likely chosen from the eight brands (e.g. Bollinger, Lanson, and Krug), which have been given royal warrants. Royal warrants indicate that goods are supplied to a member of the royal family.

8. Chocolate as a guilty pleasure

McGrady, the former royal chef, mentions that the Queen loves chocolate and even calls her a "chocoholic." Her favorite type of chocolate is dark chocolate ("the darker the better.")

As you can see, the royal diet is not very strict. McGrady mentions that the Queen is not really bothered about food as much as about horses and dogs. At her age, she still goes horseback riding and walks long distances with her dogs. Maybe her secret is not in her diet? What do you think? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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