Here’s the Reason Why You Shouldn’t Type "Amen" on a Facebook Post

What could be wrong with typing "Amen"? Nothing, I thought, until a friend warned me about the consequences of doing so. I decided to share this information with the readers of Bright Side.

If you are a regular Facebook user and someone who feels compassion for the suffering of others, you have surely noticed those publications that say things like "I know you won't 'Like' this photo because I'm sick" or "Type 'Amen' to heal me."

I was one of those people who felt bad when seeing the "Keep scrolling if you're heartless" types of posts until a friend alerted me to the scam behind it.

There is no life that can be saved with a "Like" or illness that can be cured by typing "Amen": you're doing this to show your support. But, despite your good intent, by doing that you're very likely to be helping Facebook spammers make some easy money.

These types of manipulative posts are designed to trick or exploit people into liking, sharing, or commenting, which in turn results in the page accumulating followers. The creators of the page then spread malicious publicity, viruses, and scams. They also keep your data and know where you live, your date of birth, and your email, which could be used to hack your account.

When you share these posts, you're actually doing real harm by increasing their popularity. Because when this happens, the page owner earns money using a stolen image of a suffering animal or a sick baby whose family has no idea it's being used.

So next time you feel bad for not sharing one of these posts on your wall, keep in mind that your "Like" and "Amen" won't save any lives. It will only help a bunch of heartless people fill their pockets.

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