Here’s what happens when you put your phone down and feel the world around you

Here’s what happens when you put your phone down and feel the world around you

When work is a desktop screen and play is a smartphone, it can be easy to forget or ignore the natural environment around us. We get so overstimulated by constant news, updates, and notifications that we neglect to acknowledge and appreciate the most basic of human senses required for emotional wellbeing - touch. 

Whether it’s a conscious week-long digital detox, an afternoon without the smartphone, or just half an hour of active mindfulness, stepping away from the screen and experiencing life around you will leave you recharged and reconnected (to nature that is, not Wifi). Forget scrolling, clicking, and swiping, and let your hands lead you back to nature with these simple sensory experiences. 


Feel the light grace your skin. 

Pick some fruit and savor their ripeness.

Reach out and hold somebody's hand.

Write. With an actual pen. On actual paper. 

Feel the cool trickle of water flowing through your fingertips. 

Remember what it was like to be a child and run your hand along a tree. 

Stroke a pet - your own or borrowed. 

Give somebody a hug. 

Play with clay. Make something. Create without filters. 

Read a book. Bonus points if it's vintage and smells of bookshops. Turn each page slowly. 

Stick your hand out the window, and feel the gentle rain on your skin. 

Take the time to experience the comfort of a hot drink, without a phone in one hand. 

There is very little in this world that beats the feeling of sand slipping through your fingers. 

Pick up a paintbrush and just go with it. 

Buy yourself flowers and appreciate their intricacy. 

Go for a walk and bring home the smoothest, shiniest pebble you find. 

Preview photo credit (c) depositphotos, Jonas Vincent
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