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Hospitals Need Baby Cuddler Volunteers, and It’s Probably the Cutest Thing You Can Do in Your Life

hospital in Manitoba is offering volunteers a chance to do what has to be one of the cutest jobs imaginable: baby cuddlers. The program, aimed at helping premature children, also has some surprising health benefits for the babies.

Bright Side has taken a look at this service and found out how you can apply to become a baby cuddler at your local hospital.

This position is being offered at the NICU unit at Saint Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Baby Cuddler program is especially intended to help premature babies get the skin-to-skin contact that they need to grow, in addition to helping parents who can’t be with their children.

In addition to that, according to a 2014 study, the program is believed to help the babies develop better sleeping habits than those who weren’t cuddled from birth. These babies are also found to be more attentive than other babies too.

One volunteer, Lucette Parent, described the health benefits visible in the babies, “At times, the babies can be really fussy, but after a few minutes, they start to relax. You can tell that they are breathing easier. Just from the body contact, they settle down, and often fall asleep.”

If you don’t live near Manitoba, but still want to become an official baby cuddler, don’t worry, there are other chances out there. More and more NICU units in hospitals are said to be increasingly offering baby cuddling programs in order to help the parents of premature babies.

Other places that offer cuddling programs, or similar volunteer services, can be found below. Please note that not all of them may be accepting applications at this time:

Would you be interested in becoming an official baby cuddler? Let us know what you think? If there are any official baby cuddlers like this out in the world, please share your stories!

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