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How an Ordinary Zara Dress Went Viral and Why Every Trendy Woman in the World Wanted to Wear It


Every season, there are new iconic things in the fashion world. This year, the white viscose polka-dot dress, from the Spanish fashion giant Zara, made a blast.

We at Bright Side decided to try to find out why this dress has an army of fans and its own Instagram account.

What is so special about this polka-dot dress?

Polka-dot is probably a classic print. This year, it returned in a simple and elegant dress from the Zara collection. Laura Antonia Jordan, the fashion news and features director at Grazia magazine called the dress “democratic fashion in action.” She explained that women are tired of bright colors, aggression, and highlighted sexuality — now is the time for romance with comfort. This light dress is great for most women and its versatility made it a superhit. This dress is so popular because we don’t just see it 1on the members of royal families, movie stars, or fashion bloggers, but on regular women.

But the amazing success happened thanks to the support of social media. Elizabeth Paton, a New York Times reporter said that social media has changed the fashion rules: when you put on a viral polka-dot dress, you are at the peak of street fashion, and you are on the same page with other fans of this trend. You are different and you are like them at the same time. This polka-dot dress was combined with leather jackets, stylish shoes, bright accessories, and other pieces.

After a fashion incident, the dress has its own Instagram account.

Despite the fact that the account is not even 6 months old yet, it already has almost 25,000 subscribers and the number is growing. The creator of the fan page of the dress is the stylish Faye Oakenfull. In this interview, she said that the dress caught her attention when both the art director and makeup artist came in wearing it on the set. She posted it on her Instagram story as an “awkward fashion moment,” and she started to get replies from all over the world. The first picture was taken in New York, then Paris, London, and the polka-dot fashion started traveling around the world.

The owners of this trendy dress were seen on the streets, underground, in stores, in pharmacies, in restaurants, and at universities. The thing that could have become a fashion nightmare became a trend that united women from all over the world. On the internet, there were a lot of family looks in this dress, manicure designs with polka-dots, memes with the dress, and other things. Fashion magazines started organizing charity polka-dot parties. Many people had doubts about the success of the dress. For example, journalist Sophie Benson was worried that the girls in the dress were in some kind of a photo hunt.

Judging by the Instagram account, the owners of the dress had a lot of adventures.

This is not the first time a piece of clothing became so popular that it had its own account. The leopard skirt and the black and white coat have their fans too.

The representatives of the brand don’t comment on the success of the dress, but when the first batch was sold out, a new one was delivered.

Should you buy this dress?

Of course, yes. Or no. It depends on how much you want to join the crowd of followers of the dress. On the Zara website, the polka-dot hit costs $39.99. If you don’t care about the brand logo, there is an alternative for you: it costs only $16 if you order it from China.

At the end of the summer, Zara presented a new version of the polka-dot dress: now you can buy the viral dress in black and white. At the moment, you can only get it in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and also in South America, but soon, it will be available in other regions as well.

Do you think that this dress deserves all the hype around it?

Preview photo credit ZARA