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How Exactly Are Men And Women The Same Species? (17 Photos Prove They’re Not)

The confusing differences between men and women are as old as the ones between parents and children. Despite the dozens of books that are written about it, sometimes it boils down to one question — are they even the same species?

We at Bright Side know that biologically speaking, men and women are of the same kind. But then we look at these photos and really start to wonder!

“My wife keeps a picture frame stand on top of the toilet to hold her phone so she can play music while she’s in the shower. She should know better than to leave me an opening like that. Relatives will be here in 20 minutes.”

“Opened my wife’s purse and started laughing. She asked what was so funny.”

“My wife asked for a Coach bag for her birthday. Let’s just say she’s pretty happy today.”

“My wife wanted me to get a new lamp that was Disney related to match the majority of our 3-month-old daughter’s room...”

“My wife says I need to grow up, but I couldn’t stop laughing.”

“My grandma likes to buy us snacks whenever she goes to the store so we asked her for some sour cream and onion chips. We were amused by what she came back with.”

“My wife and I don’t agree on how to decorate a tree. 4 years ago, we started this as a joke and it is still going strong.”

“My wife really likes it when I do housework so I sent her these pictures while she was at work.”

“I come into the living room to see my wife in her wedding dress...watching the royal wedding”

“My wife said I could decorate the guest bathroom as my own. Multiple screams have ensued.”

“I’m a super nervous flyer. My wife just took this pic of me at the airport restaurant, about to board the plane to fly to our honeymoon destination.”

“So my wife bought a decorative sign for our kitchen...”

“My wife shares a birthday with Hitler so I made her this card.”

“I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn’t comfortable with that.”

“My husband is no longer allowed to go to the craft store alone.”

“When my mom tries to combine my husband’s love of the outdoors with his love for Star Wars:”

“I present to you the ’What the heck is that under our tree?’ gift. It’s going to drive my wife crazy.”

Did any of these photos remind you of something from your life? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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