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How Time Changes As You Grow Older

Have you ever had the feeling that the past year flew more quickly than the previous one? We at Bright Side recently noticed this and became interested in why this happens.

This interactive timeline explains how our perception of time is changing more and more, appearing to fly faster and faster. It shows how we felt during the past year, comparing it with our "absolute" time.

The timeline was invented by Maximilian Kiener, a BMW design consultant from Austria, based on the statement of the philosopher Paul Janet. This is how it sounds in a simplified form: a 10-year-old child feels 1 year as 1/10 of their life, and a 50-year-old person feels it as 1/50. Meanwhile, the whole life, obviously, is a constant (or absolute) value. When a child is only 1 month old, a week is a quarter of their life, and it seems an eternity. If you’re 14 years old, 1 year is about 7% of your life and also seems quite a big gap. Yet at the age of 30, a week is just a tiny part of life, and a year for a 50-year-old person is only 2% of life, so you subjectively feel these intervals as insignificant and are sure they pass too quickly.

In other words, the longer we live, the shorter each year seems related to our whole life.

And remember, if it seems to you that one year flies much faster than the previous one, you’re not crazy — you’re just getting older.

Therefore, savor every happy moment because in a few years’ time these moments of joy will zoom by faster and faster. Scroll the timeline down, and see for yourself.

How short is our life?

78 years — the average lifespan in America. But not all of those are free. If you sleep 8 hours a day, you sleep for about a third of your life, which cuts that down to 53 years. From kindergarten to graduation is 12 years, and then there are 3 years of college. If you spend the typical 45 years working full-time at 40 hours a week, that takes 12 years. 10% of our life goes to eating, cleaning, and doing housework.

Is this statistic not enough to understand that we must enjoy and appreciate every moment of our life?

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