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How to Choose a Car That Matches Your Personality

Color psychology suggests that we form preferences in color due to our personal traits or lack thereof. So with a necessity like the car we own, the color we choose reveals clues about who we are.

We at Bright Side are very curious about what our every day items can say about the secrets of our personality. Will you find something surprising about yourself?


A person who chooses a red car for themselves is usually flashy, but could also be classic. They are somebody who really enjoys life and has a zest for it. Traits these people also possess are:

  • outgoing
  • fun
  • aggressive
  • impulsive
  • ambitious
  • impressive


Grey, not silver. People who choose this car color are usually classy, prefer comfort over showing-off, and are in favor of moving slow and steady, rather then with a ton of hiccups. Their traits are:

  • shy
  • comfort-loving
  • unconcerned with status
  • careful
  • easy to compromise with
  • mature


People who choose cars of this color are usually buisness-savvy, and sometimes work way too hard. A person who enjoys this color has an eye for all things upscale and possesses several more interesting traits, like:

  • flashy
  • innovative
  • practical
  • good taste
  • sophisticated
  • sleek


Blue cars project a light, friendly appearance. People who choose this color are usually lighthearted and easy to talk to. They also have traits like:

  • compassion
  • optimisim
  • stablity
  • introspectiveness
  • honesty
  • serenity


People who choose brown or beige for their cars are very grounded, "voice of reason" kind of people, yet sometimes they tend to be way too shy to speak out. They are also:

  • down-to-earth
  • thrifty
  • honest
  • don’t care about style
  • conformist


The popularity of green cars spiked in the 90s, people who choose them are usually powerful and strong-willed, with a good sense of self. They are also:

  • gentle
  • self-sufficient
  • patient
  • classy
  • peace-loving


If you are not Austin Powers, but still have a car the color of sunshine, you probably have a "don't worry, be happy" motto in life. This is the color of optimists, who are also:

  • joyful
  • happy
  • business-savvy
  • imaginative
  • wise
  • have a good sense of humor


It's not only a slimming color, but also a color of people who prefer timeless classics over trends. They possess other features of character as well:

  • dignified
  • luxury loving
  • sophisticated
  • always in control
  • striking
  • powerful


This color brings together impeccable style and a modern view on timeless things. It also suggests that people who choose it are:

  • honest
  • pure
  • elegant
  • strive for perfection
  • modern
  • longing for a more simple life

Multicolor / Color not mentioned

If you love your car and project personality onto it - you are truly one in a million. Check out the rest of your traits:

  • one-of-a-kind
  • focus on the quality
  • selfmade
  • unique
  • in style
  • powerful

Did you find out something interesting about yourself or did this test get it just right? Or maybe now you know which car you should pick out to better represent yourself? Please share with us in the comments!

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