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How to Think Like an Engineer in 23 Photographs

Engineers are unusual people. Sometimes they come up with ingenious inventions that make our lives easier, and at other times their ideas don’t quite go according to plan. Here are just a few examples that Bright Side found for you.

For those who don’t want to strain their arms while using their tablet in bed.

It works just fine.

A safe, reliable, stylish solution to the problem of decompression.

What do you mean one of my headlights is out? What do you call that?

How do you make both dad and daughter happy? Remote control swings.

It’s still a BMW!

How long-distance truckers wash their clothes.

What to do when the power point is two meters up the wall, and you need to charge your tablet.

A problem solved, creatively.

When you’re too lazy to hit the light switch yourself.

It’s better than no window at all, I suppose.

For those who fall asleep in the bath.

It’s been two weeks. I think they’re starting to suspect something...

Bon appetit!

Why reach for the glass when you don’t have to?

Looks safe...

No need to go down the stairs anymore.

Laziness is the engine of development!

I think they’ll work just the same as before.

That will definitely solve the problem.

A sofa in perfect condition — almost new.

It’s called fashion. Look it up!

Trust me. I’m an engineer.

Preview photo credit imgur/ p0Q1Kne, imgur/ Zmuxr2J, juyouqu
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