I Know That Feeling, Bro: 22 People Who Are Way Too Deep in the Friend Zone

Being in and out of the friend zone is one of the hottest themes nowadays. People have different opinions on its existence, and it's one of the most debated topics out there. On the other hand, some argue that it's just a state of mind. Anyway, here at Bright Side we've put together some epic people and their struggle with the friend zone.

1. Cheering the cheerleader

2. Shouting it out loud

3. From the pages of history books

4. Official "friend zone" logo

5. Down to Earth in the zone

6. In the savage friend zone

7. I hope Iris sees this.

8. He's not picking up on the signals.

9. Did it hurt when you fell into the zone?

10. Just before Hell!

11. Mission: Impossible

12. The "Just for Friends" Jacuzzi

13. P.S., I friend-zoned you.

14. Friend zone level: climbing wall

15. Another soldier sacrificed himself.

16. Too deep into the zone

17. Friend zone level: couch cushion

18. So the legends are true.

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