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Internet Users Are Sharing Curious Things They’ve Found by Accident

Hungarian biochemist Albert Szent-Györgyi once said, "Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought." Making a discovery doesn’t take any special knowledge or skills – just be ready to see the unusual in the most trivial objects of everyday life and your imagination will reward you with the most unbelievable findings.

An old coin, an exotic marine animal, a strangely shaped rock, or a beautiful sea shell on the beach – the world is full of fascinating discoveries if you just look around.

Bright Side shares a collection of 25 incredible findings made by chance.

1. "Ron, I found your golf ball."

2. A one-in-a-million starfish

3. A pyrite cuboid crystal

4. A strangely carved piece of rock

5. Nature breaking its way into the concrete jungle

6. "My friends and I found a leaf stuck between seasons."

7. Perfect round shape

8. A deer-shaped icicle

9. Portuguese man-of-war

10. "A fork in the woods"

11. An apple on an apple

12. 3 roses in one

13. A lemon tree growing inside a lemon.

14. Fossil coral found on the beach

15. Heart-shaped tree bark

16. Long grapes

17. Rare blue lizards on the island of Capri

18. Ammonites (extinct sea creatures)

19. This tree is watching you.

20. These flowers look like alien creatures.

21. "I found a cicada with the McDonalds logo on its back."

22. An incredibly small frog

23. A stone with perfect circles on it

24. A leaf resembling a feather

25. A pottery shard and an elongated copper coin someone found on the way to school

BONUS: Someone found this can at a flea market. Anybody want a glass of dehydrated water?

Which of these findings seem most surprising to you? Have you ever found anything unusual? Share your pictures in the comments!

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