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Internet Users Face Their Fears and Share Their Horror Stories With the World

It’s okay if you find these pictures creepy. Modern psychologists can’t agree with Roosevelt who said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” We think that even our own pets or Mickey Mouse toys are able to scare us to death if they look out of place.

Bright Side has gathered some frightening photos and videos that depict true nightmares. There’s also a bonus image at the end of this article that could drive a perfectionist crazy!

Just like a traditional Japanese horror movie!

When your dark side prevails:


“He was stalking my car.”

Scary signs are everywhere.

“My morning starts with a creepy rabbit in my coffee.”

“Come here human. Put out your hand. Everything’s gonna be fine...”

Imagine that you have to cross this river...

Mickey Mouse from a horror film

This one’s even creepier...

“I’ve played enough video games to know that there’s definitely a secret way to the next level.”

Creepy looking tree

“Saw this new painting in my buddy’s house. I want one. Who did this?”

Fish tank figurine

The scariest thing ever

Don’t ask the driver to give you a lift.

Little Mermaid: The Zombie Apocalypse

Creative BBQ

A gnome necromancer

“His hobby is to sit and stare at me. It’s creepy.”

“When you work at a place with a giant cabinet full of heads...”

“I wish I’d never seen this Bart Simpson.”

Bonus: The pause button icon in Spotify is off-center by 1 px.

What gives you the shivers? Would you want to hang a creepy portrait in your home like the one on this list? Share your impression with us!

Preview photo credit HAHATUN_HAHA / Reddit
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