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Internet Users Recreate the Photos of Their Ancestors to Prove One Thing: Genes Rule

Genes house information about heredity. Some genetic features may skip a generation before they’re seen. So, there is nothing weird about a child that barely looks like their parents. The resemblance can emerge in different ways: some people look very much like their parents and others only recognize themselves in the photos of their grandparents.

Bright Side has collected photos from internet users who decided to recreate old pictures of their parents and grandparents. We must say, they did a great job because they look so much like their ancestors.

1. “25 years apart: My Mom and I in the same dress, at the same age”

2. “My dad and my son, 70 years apart”

3. “My dad and I with his sweet ride in 1992 vs My son and I in 2017”

4. “The same approximate age, 26 years apart. Me and my daughter, 2016, and my dad and I, 1990. The Boston hat is for scale.”

5. “My grandpa, my dad, and myself. Making 3 generations of wives worried sick.”

6. “My mom and I, exactly 30 years apart”

7. Father and son, both enlisted at 19 years old. These pictures were taken 25 years apart.

8. “My dad and me, 30 years apart at our senior proms”

9. “My husband was 3 months old when his father was killed in a car accident. As a Christmas gift to his grandmother this year, we recreated an old photo with our new son.”

10. “Me and my grandfather, 1944 & 2013”

11. “My dad’s and my senior football photo, 31 years apart”

12. “My daughter graduates high school this year and for part of her senior pictures we recreated a picture of my mother when she was close to her age, back in the 1950’s.”

13. “These are photos of my dad and I before our first fixed-wing flights on naval aircraft. They were taken almost 3 decades apart.”

14. “Me and mom, both around 8 years old”

15. “Me at 30 and my dad at 30, slight resemblance”

16. “Me and my son — 23 years apart”

17. “My mom at 26 and me at 23, Stonehenge, 34 years apart”

18. 3 generations of firefighters: grandfather, father, and son

19. Father and son at the same age

Do you have pictures where you look especially like your ancestors? Share them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit Corin Kane/facebook
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