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Internet Users Share 22 Things That Are More Dangerous Than We Think

We all know that we should look left and right when crossing the road, that sharp objects can be dangerous, and that it’s easy to slip and fall on ice. But there are a lot of seemingly safe things in our everyday lives and we underestimate the danger they actually present.

Using Reddit comments, we at Bright Side have created a “catalog” of everyday things we should be very careful when using.


The hardly noticeable doorstep between rooms and the side of carpets are literally deathly traps for the elderly. They can trip on carpets, slip on the floor, and break their hips in a matter of seconds. @inferno006

This is true. I’ve worked in geriatrics for several years and I can say that a lot of deaths are caused by these things! Take care of the elderly! @FalconHoof88


Frozen food is seemingly safe. But when someone tries to separate pieces from each other using a knife, they often have cuts and other injuries. @rororoxor

There is nothing scarier than watching someone who is trying to separate frozen pieces of meat for burgers using an 8-inch knife. @jingerninja


Powdered coffee creamer. It’s incredibly flammable if it gets into the air. @bl1y

I volunteered at one of those seasonal haunted houses when I was younger. One of the jobs was to be dressed as a druid and to throw coffee creamer over a fire to create a fireball. @kukukele


Clamshell packaging. That stuff is designed to butcher and maim. @SuzQP

Just get your scissors. But first, go borrow some other scissors to cut your scissors out of their clamshell packaging.​​​​​​​ @I_Can_Haz_Brainz


Dull knives. I wish this were more well known. A sharp knife cuts where you intend and requires less force. A dull knife requires more force and makes mishaps far worse.​​​​​​ @bl1y


Water and bathroom floors. More people are killed or injured in accidents in bathrooms than most people realize. @elliotsilvestri


Well, I almost died from walking barefoot on a yard that had ant killer pellets spread out on it when it was a little wet. It started to shut my nervous system down and I just collapsed. I remember tasting metal and then fading out. So my answer is any killer/pesticide. Thank god it was me and not one of my daughters... @JohnnyFknUtah


A mandoline slicer! Those things slice over 9000 fingers every year... yikes! @emilyrachel18

The mandolin slicer is a demon who will serve the kitchen faithfully, but it demands a blood sacrifice. @GreenStrong


Avocados. Thousands of people end up in hospitals because they have no idea how to cut an avocado the right way. @rjlets_575

When people try to remove the avocado pit with a knife. The tip of the knife can easily slip on the smooth pit and cut right through your hand! Use a spoon! @sydoroo


Refrigerators. They won’t kill you as long as you’re using them normally, but if your fridge breaks down and you’re foolish enough to think “well, I know a bit about electronics, maybe I can fix it,” there are about 4 different ways it can kill you. The only ones I can remember off the top of my head are that the cooling element can rupture, and the capacitors can hold a lethal charge for months after it’s been unplugged. @PM__ME__STUFFZ


Hairspray and any spray that can be used as an impromptu flamethrower in general. My family still reminds me of the dreaded days that ensued after I showed my little cousin this cool new trick. @CaptainTsech

By the way, how many times a day do you use deodorant? Using too much of it may damage your body because of the chemicals you expose yourself to.


Toothpicks. Sharp enough to pierce the skin, fragile enough to break off and get stuck, and being wood and porous they can harbor all sorts of nasty things that can cause some nasty infections. And, it’s entirely possible to not notice you’ve swallowed one until it’s poking through your guts and you’re leaking raw something into your abdominal cavity. @drone42


Candles. That pleasant-smelling little romantic gesture is an OPEN FLAME IN YOUR HOUSE. Treat it accordingly — be mindful around it, don’t leave flammable material nearby, and for God’s sake don’t go to bed or leave your home with a candle burning. @abunchofsquirrels

My ex used to work for a product safety testing company and for a while, he was the candle testing guy. Basically, he had to light them, then sit, and record data and observations all day. A lot of them only came in after consumer complaints and accidents — apparently quite a lot of them explode. Since hearing his work horror stories, I have never had any desire to use candles enclosed in any sort of glass. @dalalphabet


Nutmeg. If you eat too much nutmeg, you can have hallucinations, or even damage your liver and stomach. ​​​​​​ @coom42


Pledge wood cleaner. Be careful when spraying this on furniture or cabinets when there is a wood floor nearby. If this stuff gets on a wood floor it’s impossible to stand on it without slipping. @ProjectSunlight


Cat scratches are not as light as they might seem. There is even a special name for the condition you can get — cat-scratch fever. The claws and the saliva of the animal can infect the body with dangerous bacteria. @Notmiefault


Baggy pants. My foot got stuck in the pants, I lost my balance, and fell on the ground. My hands were in the pockets, so I fell face down and was covered in blood. ​​​​​​@WeatherwaxDaughter


Hair straightener. My grandmother burned my mother’s ears, my mother burned my ears, and I didn’t want to break the tradition, so I burned the ears of both of my daughters. @Nah-yonce


Moisturizing lotion. Applied some on my feet. Then I stood up and the next thing I knew I woke up on the floor with a concussion. @Fakress


Eye drops of all things. They are deadly if you drink them.

I knew about this from Wedding Crashers when Owen Wilson puts eye drops in Bradley Cooper’s drink when they were doing prayer. @realgaberangel


Essential oils, for example, eucalyptus, are very dangerous for animals. ​​​​​@kelseymh


Zippers on jeans. I don’t think I need to explain. @idrankwaytoomuch2000

Have you ever encountered any other seemingly safe things like this in your everyday life?

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