Internet Users Shared 19 Easy Household Tricks We Wish We’d Invented Ourselves

Thousands of tries and experiments are hidden behind really useful lifehacks. Reddit and Twitter users try to find good ways to make their household duties a bit easier and then share them on the Internet. You may also test these pieces of advice and tell us which tricks are useful and which ones need improvement.

Bright Side wants to show you some interesting lifehacks tested by Internet users.


If you want to wear a romper but it isn’t staying together at the chest and you don’t have a clothespin, take a pair of earrings and make it look like buttons to keep it together.


When your radio's broken and you're struggling to hear your podcast using a paper cup.


Use chopsticks to eat messy snacks so your fingers stay clean.


Use a hair straightener to "iron" crooked collars.


Instead of buying a new air freshener, add a few drops of essential oil to the old one. It's cheaper and it lasts longer!


Use paperclips to hang your Christmas ornaments on the tree if you can't find hooks.


A contact lens case is a great travel container for moisturizers and creams.


Keep your taco upright using a fork.


Tape an envelope under your fix-it project to minimize the mess on the floor.


Put anything in the hotel key power thingy so you don't have to use your card all the time.


Use different colored ear-tips to differentiate left and right easily.


Make a mini-shovel to clean the rail tracks of your sliding door with a brush. Materials: foil, skewer stick, and electrical tape.


If your shower curtain is slightly too short, some extra curtain rings can solve the problem for a quick fix.


When there's no coat hook in a public toilet, try keys. But it actually only works with light clothing.


Ice cube in the cereal keeps the milk cold and the cereal from getting soggy!


That's how to make sure the laptop charger doesn't slip out.


The best way to close chip bags.


You can make this organizer using an ordinary container.


Use a straw to get the butter to the middle of your popcorn.

Will you remember any of these tips?

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