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Internet Users Talk About the Obvious Things That Many People Don’t Know or Ignore

You have probably felt angry for some illogical reason or because somebody said something wrong to you. For example, the people who are too stubborn to use the turn signals on the roads or the people who say that flu is the same thing as a cold. So, Reddit users decided to start a thread for sharing the things that they thought were obvious until they met (and were shocked by) people who didn’t know about them.

Some of these things seemed funny to us, some others reminded us about the basic rules of good manners, and the third type were the things that everyone needs to understand because they may save people’s lives. We at Bright Side think that discussing these things is extremely useful, so we decided to show some of the most popular Reddit answers to you. Maybe they will just remind you of the things that you already know, maybe they will teach you something new. In any case, this information won’t hurt you.

  • There are no tigers in Africa. I was on safari in Tanzania and 2 others in the truck were discussing how excited they were to see tigers. I told them that there weren’t any and they looked all disbelieving and crestfallen, like I was spoiling their fun. They even had to check with the guide. © 4ar0n-Aaron
  • Antibiotics kill bacteria, but won’t do anything against viruses. Everyone has the idea that if you get a cold, you see your doctor and get antibiotics. © Slidingscale
  • Alcohol has calories. I had to be the one to tell my friend when she was in her mid-20s that the vodka she loved has calories. She was so shocked and said, “What!! I thought that since it was clear, like water, it didn’t have any calories.” © -eDgAR-

  • Narwhals exist and are real. People have thought that I was trolling them by talking about a mythical unicorn-whale. © pillowkun
  • I work in IT and I’m constantly helping people who:
    • Don’t know what the Windows key is.
    • Don’t know that Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox are web browsers.
    • Don’t know that making your password your name is a really poor choice. © Bar_Har

  • Taking out your credit/debit card/cash before you are asked to by the cashier/checkout staff saves time for everyone, rather than looking shocked that you have to pay for your shopping. © E420CDI
  • Everyone seems to want to get close to wild animals for pictures and thinks it’s ok. We are not all one with nature and animals like their space and don’t trust you. © Cleonce12
  • Gambling at a casino will most likely result in losing money. © Krazy-Kat15
  • That other planets are visible from Earth. And the Sun is also a star. © anothersundayx
  • How to stay in one’s own lane when turning from one street to another. © Scrappy_Larue
  • I’ve seen some Jimmy Kimmel skits where people are asked where certain well-known places in the world are, like, “Where is Australia? Where is Africa?” And they literally can’t point to them on a map; or they think Africa is a country. I just don’t understand how people don’t know this stuff. © Pannekaken

  • The Ctrl C — Ctrl V combination. © CrimpyBimpy
  • Don’t pet service dogs. I used to think everyone knew this, until I got one. Don’t pet them, talk to them, make kissy noises, bark at them (grown adults barking at service dogs is shockingly common), whistle, clap, none of that. Do not do anything to deliberately draw the dog’s attention. If they are distracted, their handler could get hurt or even die. I’m not exaggerating. If a medical alert dog misses an impending medical emergency, the person won’t have time to get into a safe position or take rescue medications. If they have a seizure or slip into a diabetic coma or something because you distracted their service dog, it is your fault. © Karaethon22

  • Basic principles of finance (budgeting, interest, debt, saving, etc.). I still think this should be a part of the mandatory curriculum in high school. © royal_clam
  • The flu is not just another cold, and you can’t use the words interchangeably. Many people have never had the flu, or felt that unwell. The flu will knock you down. © LizeLies
  • That you shouldn’t be rude to customer service or the cashier because it’s not their fault that the item is expensive. © CollidingCherries
  • Africa is NOT a country, it’s a continent. © Santosp3
  • A “screen saver” is the animation (or blankness) that pops up on your computer when you don’t use it for a while, to save your screen from getting burned-in. The background picture that wallpapers your desktop is the “wallpaper.” © arcxjo

What other facts or rules would you like to share to make sure that everyone else knows them and follows them?

Preview photo credit 4ar0n-Aaron / Reddit
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