It Snowed in Tokyo for the First Time in 4 Years, and People Are Sharing Unusual Pictures of Their Snowmen

It snowed for the first time in 4 years in Tokyo, and it led to a transportation collapse and caused a lot of troubles for the locals. However, they found positive sides to the situation — they could build snowmen!

The Japanese see snowmen very differently. 3 snowballs and a carrot are not good enough for this country! The Japanese are also world leaders in snowman building, and they can turn them into real works of art.

Bright Side sorted out the best snow sculptures made by Tokyo enthusiasts. They share their pictures in social networks with the hashtag #雪だるま.

1. Darth Vader came to the light side of the force.

2. It feels like something is wrong here: the car is under the cat.

3. Where is Sully?

4. It's obviously a sculpture built in front of an art school.

5. Impetuous lines

6. White Pikachu

7. Snow-born

8. For those who can't hold it anymore!

9. Green-eared Snoopy

10. Too cute to be left outside!

11. They're straight out of 2018.

12. Snow Mickey Mouse

13. Other Disney characters

14. Out of service!

15. Buy one get 2 free

16. The guardian

17. Perfectly identical

18. The wigwam

19. This snowman is for hugging.

20. Hello, birdies!

21. This queen is not very friendly.

22. Who ordered a cozy cat?

23. A soft Eevee and a snow Eevee

24. Totoro and bad weather

25. This Totoro looks much happier about snow.

26. A cozy house

When was the last time you built a snowman? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit nikam2004/instagram, mami.m.63/instagram
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