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Japan Is Selling Chest Padding That Turns Men Into Knockouts With No Exercise. Even James Bond Would Wish to Get It

They say that when actors get that call from Marvel, it’s time to work out. After playing the lazy Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt got busy in order to get the 6-pack needed to be Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. But now, even without a call from Marvel, you can instantly look like you have a superhero’s body thanks to chest padding from Japan.

Bright Side is taking a look at this incredibly simple invention that you probably have never even thought about before. Just take a look at the end of the article how an ordinary man can turn into Spider-Man!

If you were one of those guys who always had the resolution to work hard in order to achieve a muscular body but always ended up raising the white flag after some time, all is not lost. You could still flex a puffed-up chest for Instagram and Tinder photos thanks to this creation!

This chest padding is a product from Cholmo on Amazon which can be worn by putting the padding over your shoulders and under your clothes. And voilà, an illusion of a muscular chest is created! There’s no need to worry about the padding showing through your clothes because they offer 2 colors, beige and black.

At this time, the beige padding costs about $46 (¥4,980) while the black one is priced at $51 (¥5,580). Based on the description, the product is made of nylon and sponge. It says that you won’t get hot wearing it and it will not fall off even if you run. Should you feel the need to remove it, you can just peel it off and put it in your bag.

To further promote the item, Cholmo mentions that wearing the chest pad is great motivation to start working out. This is because they experience what it’s like to have this fit figure.

And last but not least, here’s how an ordinary man’s abs can be turned into ones like Spider-Man has!

Would you buy this for yourself or as a gift for someone you know? Have you ever bought an interesting invention like this?

Preview photo credit Cholmo / Amazon
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