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Masterminds Who Always Come Out on Top

Laws and rules exist for only one reason: to keep us from descending into anarchy. Some rules, on the other hand, are extremely unnecessary and some rebellious people refuse to be part of that system which is why they always manage to find loopholes and ways around them.

Here at Bright Side, we've gathered a list of hilarious examples of people who have managed to obey the rules while still breaking the law.

1. "There’s a rule against having pumpkins in my dorm but it doesn’t say anything about pineapples..."

2. There is a school policy where students are required to wear belts in school. This guy forgot his so he improvised.

3. One of the company's rules is that all drinks must be inside a cup with a straw.

4. A music festival happening in 90-degree weather forbids shops to sell water, so this shop owner is selling peanuts.

5. This coffee shop got a B rating and turned it into a brunch sign.

6. She was not allowed to walk on the lawn to pick flowers, so she started crawling on the lawn instead.

7. She promised her husband that she would stop buying plants so she started buying plant seeds instead.

8. He was told that he wasn't allowed to set foot outside, so he kept his feet indoors.

9. This guy snuck into a private party by wearing a grocery store receipt.

10. When the bar is required by law to offer food to customers but doesn't really want to:

11. This office doesn't allow employees to adjust the thermostat so this employee found a way to adjust it without touching it.

12. This test-taker finally cracked the code!

13. Finding the perfect balance

14. This mom installed a lock on one of her drawers but didn't really think it through.

15. When your job requires you to wear a suit for the website and you are better at Photoshop than shopping:

16. This dad went on a trip to Vegas for a few days and installed a camera in the living room...but that won't stop anything bad from happening.

17. Green car parking ONLY!

18. This mom had sent her kid outside to play games...not exactly what she had in mind.

19. When drinks aren't allowed in the pool but they are allowed on the balcony:

20. When you like colorful walls but you can't really paint them:

21. When you're allowed to use only one page for your formula and you accept the challenge:

22. This person was banned from the stadium and he couldn't see the game. So he rented a crane instead.

23. His girlfriend told him that the puppy wasn't allowed in the bedroom.

24. School's uniform policy requires students to wear a full suit, but it also allows them to wear a coat during winter.

25. This college does not allow members of the opposite sex in the dorms, so this is how movie nights happen:

26. "Food isn't allowed in the living room. The tablet isn't allowed in the kitchen. He beat the system."

27. When these girls were not allowed to watch the game, they dressed up as men to watch their team and celebrate the championship.

28. Pets are not allowed on the subway unless they are in a carrier.

29. Kids at this camp are required to write a letter to their parents after their first week.

30. A mayor in Brazil doesn't allow bar owners to set tables on the sidewalk, so these people found a loophole.

Which of these images made you laugh the most? We would like to know if you have ever done something similar. Let us know if you've ever found a loophole to a rule and managed to do what you wanted without breaking the law. Share this with your friends to make their day brighter!

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