Men Are Sharing Pics of Their Freshly Cut Body Hair Designs, and It’s the Weirdest Trend We’ve Seen Yet

39% of men remove their body hair. However, some guys know how to turn this routine process into pure fun. With the help of a razor, they are able to make the craziest and most daring ideas come to life and create hairy masterpieces right on their bodies. Honestly, this form of art is definitely worth seeing.

Bright Side wants to thank these men for pleasing us with their artwork and can’t wait to share some of their vivid examples of creativity with you.

1. DIY bra

2. Half shaved or half hairy?

3. One mustache is never enough.

4. A self-shaved superhero

5. A true patriot

6. Creating an arrow: method 1

7. Creating an arrow: method 2

8. Martini — shaved, not shaken...

9. Rich men wear dollar signs.

10. Dressed without clothes

11. God save the Queen!

12. He can always hide in the shadow of a tree.

13. Hairy and positive

14. In search of love

15. “Peace, love, and rock n’ roll”

16. Are all owls really cute?

17. The best support ever

18. A yachtsman’s mark

19. Superheroes are real.

20. A hairy flag

21. “My new year’s resolution was to get rippling abs. Mission accomplished.”

22. Ready for Valentine’s Day...

Which of these ideas did you like the most? Do you think men should remove their body hair? Write us in the comments.

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