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Men From the Bright Side Editorial Tell About the Best and Worst Presents They Ever Got

Not every man will tell you what he wants to get as a present, but at the same time, they are unlikely to appreciate another bottle of aftershave or another useless gift. In addition, neither the giver nor the getter is happy to experience tense smiles and false joy.

Bright Side interviewed the male part of our editorial and asked the female part to ask their partners to share their opinion and stories about gifts they have received. And we managed to make a list of ideas that are better be ditched in the planning stage and ones that should actually be considered.

Cute little something

All those cute and symbolic little things can be pretty good ,but the main thing to keep in mind here is a practical approach. For example, a compact set of tools (if he doesn’t have one) or a mug with a print dedicated to his interests.

  • Once my girlfriend gave me a pillow in the shape of a heart. I couldn’t even rest my head on it and it didn’t fit in with the decor of my apartment. I don’t even know where it is now. At the same time, my girlfriend’s parents came up with a better idea — a set of tools. This set has already helped me an endless amount of times.

Items for shaving

Aftershaves and lotions are the most wide-spread gifts for men, so think several times before giving them. It’s better to give a guy a razor — these are pretty useful. Men tend to forget to change their old razor for a long time and keep using it, even if the blade is blunt, so your gift will definitely be useful.

  • Why does everyone like to give aftershave and lotions on every single occasion? If I wasn’t re-gifting them to others, I wouldn’t have a place to store them.


The idea itself is good, but you at least need to know the taste of the person you are going to give a gift to. And don’t give undergarments frequently. If you know their exact size, you can give a solid color T-shirt.

  • Once my relatives saw me wearing a tight T-shirt and decided that I don’t have enough of them. So I received 5 of these things within the next several months. 3 of them were not my style and I didn’t wear them, even at home. Moreover, I already had too many of them. I live in a rented apartment and I keep all these extra things in a big suitcase that has become too heavy for me whenever I move apartments.


A souvenir, a stuffed toy, or something like this is rarely useful. You need to know a person well before you give gifts like these. The exception is when you give something that men can make with their own hands. Men develop a spiritual connection with these objects and they become valuable for them.

  • Once, I was given a normal painting that was bought in a supermarket depicting some scene. It just hung there and I wasn’t emotional about it at all. Another time, I got a canvas with paints and instructions on how to paint it, which cost the same amount of money as the first gift. I have never done anything like that before, but I liked it a lot. You can see its photo above, but the painting is not finished and hasn’t been glazed. I am going to buy another painting kit like this when I finish with this one.


Don’t think that girls are the only ones who are careful when choosing a scent. You can give presents like this only when you know a man’s tastes very well. Otherwise, your gift might end up sitting on a shelf with other colognes that were only opened once to test the smell. If you can’t think up another gift, it’s better to buy a shampoo or a shower gel.

  • I don’t like it when I am given men’s cologne. I have very specific tastes and I almost always want to hide the bottles of cologne that I get in a closet and not show them to anyone. But during the next time I see them, the giver looks at me with sparkling eyes, smells around me, and sometimes I have to use that cologne to make them feel happy. At the same time, I’ll have a tense and thankful smile on my face that is actually hiding despair and pain.

Sports equipment

If a man is not interested in sports, then you’d better forget about this kind of present. If he is fond of sports, you can give him some compression clothing, gloves, or other things that might be useful for him. Just avoid home fitness equipment.

  • Recently my parents asked me to sell 2 pieces of home sports equipment and a set of dumbbells that were being kept on the balcony. My father says he only used them only during the first week after getting them and ever since then they have been stored on the balcony. I think I would do the same. I do go to the gym, but I have many other things that need to be done at home too.

Excess creativity

Don’t be too creative. Not every creative gift will find its place in the receiver’s house. Sometimes it’s better to choose something trivial, but something that they really need.

  • Colleagues from my previous job gave us bouquets made from roach fish. Of course, we appreciated the creativity, but there was one nuance — the entire office smelled like dead fish.
  • My girlfriend gave me a T-shirt with the face of my friend, who she felt very jealous of, on it. And then every time I wore it, she would become furious.

Tell us your stories about successful and unsuccessful presents.