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Why Men Escape to the Bathroom


We use the toilet pretty often, but not every usage is connected with our physiological needs. It turns out that it can be a place to get some peace and quiet. And according to a survey from Pebble Grey, this is one of the reasons that men spend an average of 7 hours a year in there.

We at Bright Side know how hard it can be to get time to yourself. And the toilet can be a great way to solve this problem, for both men and women.

Why men escape:

Men hide in the bathroom to get time to themselves. When their partner grumbles, demands for something to be done, or when the children are noisy, it's the one sure way for them to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy privacy and quiet time.

Other reasons why men escape to the bathroom are their desire to avoid chores and to be able to use their phone without being disturbed. And 25% of those polled said that if they had not had the opportunity to hide in the toilet, they wouldn't have known how to cope.

A safe place

23% of men talk about their bathroom as a "safe place." And it is not just a refuge, it's an opportunity to hide from others and get peace. 14% of them even store different things in there for killing time: like books, magazines, and food.

Do not disturb!

But not everyone agrees with this state of affairs and in one in every 10 cases of hiding out in the bathroom is usually interrupted. Some households even use the "do not disturb" rule.

Women also hide.

If we compare men escaping to the bathroom with women, we find out that the female half often hides there to take a break from the children. They also lock themselves in there if they are upset. And, just like men, they also keep snacks in the bathroom.

What do you think about the toilet as a place to get rest? Do you use it for this purpose?

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