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Messy People Are More Creative and Flexible, and Here’s Why

Messy People Are More Creative and Flexible, and Here’s Why

Cleaning is known for its positive effect on our health. For example, it can help relieve stress and can be considered a workout. But it turns out that the mess also has its advantages. And it can have a positive effect on your personality.

We at Bright Side are going to explain to you why it’s useful to forget about cleaning sometimes and enjoy the chaos.

A messy room helps people break out of social norms and relax. According to a 2013 study, people are able to come up with more creative ideas when they’re in an untidy room. They are ready to try new things and are open to innovation.

It’s impossible to maintain order every second of the day. And people who aspire to this may experience something called compulsive tidying. Those who devote less time and attention to cleaning can be more relaxed and not inclined to feel irritation after seeing a small mess on the floor.

Those who are not concentrated on cleanliness save more time. In pursuit of organization and impeccable order, people spend many hours and a lot of effort to put everything in its place and clean every last spot. Disorder helps people devote more time and energy to what they are fascinated by and truly interested in.

It’s easier for people to find what they need in a mess. The things they need are always at hand, and not shoved into a faraway shelf. A messy table can be annoying, but a person who is used to it knows exactly where everything is. And they are sure that they will find exactly what they want there.

People who try to organize everything are less prepared for unexpected things. And our life is full of them and disorder will always return. Therefore, those who prefer disorder are less out of balance when something is not going according to plan.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should give up on cleaning and get stuck in a messy space. We just suggest that you go easy on yourself when it comes to cleaning and allow yourself to sit at a messy table in a messy room from time to time.

Do you prefer mess or perfect order? Do you think that it’s better to live in a well-organized place or that chaos makes genius? Share your opinion in the comments.

Illustrated by Alena Tsarkova for Bright Side
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