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Mexican Football Fans Show the World the True Meaning of Friendship

The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest events in the sports industry. For example, in 2014 Brazil had total attendance for the 64 matches with 3,429,873 people! Being a soccer fan can be a crazy obsession - and for many, a lifestyle. Usually, soccer fans travel in groups. They plan their trips all in advance and save money for years.

Here at Bright Side, we'd like to share a really funny, inspirational story about soccer and true friendship.

6 friends from Mexico decided to share an unforgettable experience with each other at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. They had been preparing for 4 years and even painted the bus which they called, "The Blessing" (La Bendición). The group of friends had to leave their families and work behind, they spent all their savings from the past 4 years. Everything seemed to be ready.

One of the friends named Javier dreamed about going to the World Cup, but at the last moment something happened and his wife wouldn't allow him to go.

It was truly heartbreaking but the friends found a really funny and extraordinary solution. They made a full-length cardboard cutout of Javier and took it with them!

Javier's T-shirt says, "Mi vieja no me dejó" which in English means, "My old lady wouldn't let me."

Now Javier's cardboard twin travels to Russia, has a lot of fun, and posts photos on Facebook while the "original" Javier is bored back home.

Javier is extremely popular in Russia.

He drinks beer.

He goes to parties.

He dances all night long with pretty Russian girls.

Maybe this is the reason why Javier's wife was against this trip!

Sometimes it's Javier's turn to drive the bus.

He obviously sticks with his daily routine.

He found some new friends!

We can only hope that the real Javier has as much fun as his cardboard twin!

Javier's friends went above and beyond to share this trip with their best friend. It may not be the same as visiting the World Cup personally, but it was definitely an invaluable manifestation of friendship.

What do you think about cardboard Javier's adventures in Russia? Do you have any interesting stories about your friends to tell?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Ingue Su Matrushka/Facebook
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