More Than a Year Ago an Artist Shared a Heartbreaking Picture of His Tragedy. Now His Works Give People Hope

Curtis Wiklund is a talented American artist who draws simple family life scenes in pencil. Curtis publishes his sketches on his Instagram and his website. The world found out about him for a very sad reason. In August 2016, he published a very emotional picture on his Facebook page.

Bright Side shares Curtis Wiklund's story and art with you.

"This was the day we found out we miscarried. It's strange to share because it's such a quiet thing. Most don't talk about it. I just didn't know what else to do, but draw on that day. It more accurately journaled how I felt than anything I could write. I hope by sharing it, those others out there who are quietly hurting, some far worse than we are, are comforted knowing at least, that you are not alone," Curtis said. The post was liked by thousands of people, a lot media outlets picked it up, and many people thanked the artist for his honesty.

What made the published picture even more heartbreaking is the fact that, before that, the artist had an unbelievable project — during one year he illustrated every day from the perspective of the woman he loves.

The tragedy didn't break Curtis, but just the opposite, it taught him to value family even more. The artist continues to draw poignant and moving sketches about his wife and two sons.

Even though he doesn't publish new sketches every day, the artist still has a habit of documenting the most sincere, warm, and memorable moments of his life.

The artist's best works are collected in the book "Us" which can be ordered online and delivered worldwide.

There is something truly magical about Curtis' work. Even though the sketches are pretty simple, they are extraordinarily deep and emotional.

His secret is that he draws pictures with big love.

His work teaches people to love more. His every picture is a moving reminder that every wife's kiss, little son's smile, book you read together, hug — are all priceless treasures we should be grateful for. After you look at these photos, you might want to hug the people you love.

Now Curtis, his wife, and sons are doing great. Their stories, depicted in his work, prove: you should always put family first, learn to notice happiness, and try to find joy in every moment.

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Preview photo credit Curtis Wiklund
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