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New Research Suggests: Smartphone Screen Light and Selfies Might Cause Early Aging

Remember back in school when we were listening to our Physics teacher talk about the various features of light? Yeah, we don’t either. But, luckily, there are people who devote their lives to science. They figured out how light from smartphone screens can impact our life and shared their discovery with us. Unfortunately, their finding is not that pretty — it turns out that this light can make us look older.

Here at Bright Side, it grinds our gears to think about getting premature wrinkles. If you want to age gracefully, let’s take a peek at what scientists have to say here.

You should worry if sending texts, checking Instagram, or reading the news on your smartphone takes up a large part of your life. And the light our smartphones generate is to blame here. Scientists delved into the possible consequences of the lifestyle that is ruled by our electronic devices and found out that even short-term exposure to this light increases reactive oxygen species (ROS).

It is no secret that changes in balance in any sphere usually lead to different (and sometimes not so pleasant) consequences. In this case, imbalance causes oxidative stress which means that a cell gets damaged due to oxidation. And there are some papers that show a link between this process and aging.

Let’s take a look at how scientists found that ROS increased under the light from our devices. To find this out, they used particular cells of connective tissue. They left the cells under light exposure for one hour at a distance of one centimeter. And the results showed, that ROS increased by about 80–90% from devices like the iPhone 8+, iPhone 6, and iPad.

Before you decide to throw your phone out of the window, you should understand that there is still some speculation on the validity of this discovery. This topic hasn’t been studied entirely yet and the long-term effects of device light are unknown. But it is better to be safe than sorry, so keep this information in mind and avoid extra screen time.

Would you be able to say goodbye to selfies for the sake of younger-looking skin?

Preview photo credit amandacerny / Instagram