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New Soluble Carrier Bags Are Conquering the World Since They Can Nourish Fish and Fight Pollution

An Indonesian company has discovered a way to make environment-friendly plastic bags and it just might change the world. Every minute, about 1 million plastic bags are disposed of across the globe and yearly, millions of animals fall to their death by swallowing minuscule pieces of plastic. To aid our ailing planet, Avani has created revolutionary plastic grocery bags that are disposable and don’t harm the earth in any way.

We at Bright Side believe that the time to debate whether climate change is real or not has passed and it’s now time to act. Avani’s invention is a start to fix the damage humans have caused over the years and we’d love to shed some light on how it works.

With an aim to fight the major plastic disposal problem across the globe, Avani has launched bags which look and feel like plastic but are 100% environment-friendly. Using no harmful petroleum products, the bags are made from natural resins and starch from the cassava root. While a normal plastic bag takes about 1,000 years to decompose, Avani’s eco-friendly bags disappear in 3-6 months.

Even that short time frame can be accelerated. The company is claiming that if after using the bag you put it in boiling water and then in cold water, it will dissolve right away. In addition to that, the material the bags are made of is actually good for marine and land animals since they can consume it safely.

The eco-friendly bags are priced at 2-3 cents more than regular plastic bags but the co-founder of the company, Kevin Kumala, believes it is a small price to pay if it helps in saving our environment and securing our future. Even after multiple plastic bans, over 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed by people worldwide. Using Avani’s bags is the same as using plastic bags. The only difference is that these are non-toxic, earth-friendly, and biodegradable.

In addition to regular grocery store plastic bags, the company also manufactures other bags like garbage bags, laundry bags, polybags, and grip-hole bags. All of them share the same eco-friendly traits and can be disposed of easily without polluting the environment. Of course, changing consumer habits at one go is impossible but a change is slowly taking shape and more and more people are doing their part to save the earth. Here’s to hoping all plastic bags and other products get replaced by non-petroleum, eco-friendly materials soon!

Will you be willing to switch to Avani? Do you agree that all current plastic products should be replaced and made of cassava root starch? Let us know.

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