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12 Etiquette Rules Your Grandma Would Be Proud to See You Know

We live in a digital world where some etiquette rules have become old-fashioned, but new non-verbal rules have appeared. Sometimes we don’t know if we should bring something to a party or like a post about bad news. Knowing these modern do’s and don’ts will help you leave a good impression no matter where you are.

We at Bright Side studied some etiquette rules that you might be confused about and we hope you find them useful.

1. Don’t put your bag on the table.

Every woman has probably been in a situation where she sits down at the table and starts searching for where to put her purse. Don’t put any of your belongings on the table! And we’re not just talking about your bag, but your sunglasses and your phone.

It is also not a good idea to put your bag on the floor. It’s not very hygienic, plus it could scratch the bottom which will probably just upset you if it’s a very expensive bag.

2. If you want to fix your makeup or comb your hair, you shouldn’t occupy a mirror with a sink.

It’s normal to be irritated when you leave the toilet to wash your hands but all the sinks are occupied with ladies fixing their makeup. Taking too much time at the sink will annoy other people, even if they don’t say anything.

3. Never end a relationship by using text or social media.

This is a no-no. Of course, it’s easier but the world is small. Those who you offend will gossip about this for ages, and you can’t blame them. Digital break-ups can be faster and more simple, but not very respectful.

4. Always text or message if you’re going to be late.

You probably think it’s so rude when someone is late and doesn’t even text you about it. You’re right, it is! It doesn’t matter if it’s a business or a friendly meeting. It takes just a 30 seconds to text someone and tell them about your timing issues. The person will be thankful to you that at least they don’t have to wait outside.

5. Hide electronic devices during your meal.

Imagine you are having dinner with your friend and he or she is always checking their phone and responding to messages while you are in the middle of your meal. You might wonder why you both even decided to meet if they didn’t have time for you.

Please, put your electronic devices away and silence them during your meals.

6. Do not “like” statuses about bad news.

If you want to support a person or show sympathy, it’s better write a message or call. Liking bad news can be considered weird.

7. Dab your mouth with a napkin before you drink.

It is always better to dab your mouth with a napkin. It will help to avoid annoying food spots on your glass. It is also important to not use a handkerchief.

8. Don’t ask for leftovers at a business lunch or dinner.

This makes it look like you are so hungry at home that after this dinner you have to ask for the leftovers and your business partners may think poorly of you. If you can’t finish your dinner, just leave it at the restaurant.

9. Don’t use sunglasses or headphones when you’re speaking to someone.

Showing respect to the person who you’re talking to is very important, not just for them, but for you too. It helps build your reputation.

If you suddenly see a friend or a colleague on the street, take off your sunglasses so you can make eye contact and get rid of your headphones.

10. Don’t show up at parties empty-handed.

Respecting the host is not just proper etiquette, but it’s also not giving your neighbors a chance to talk bad about you. If you are going to a party, take something with you to please the person who invited you. This applies to everything besides those cases when they ask you not to bring anything.

11. If you arrive late to a class, don’t think you can take your favorite spot in the front.

It’s a little bit arrogant to be late to classes and still make noise and try to sneak into the front row. Try to be as silent as possible so you don’t irritate the people around you.

12. Don’t cut up your entire meal at once.

People might think that you are just in a rush to finish your meal and leave. Take it slowly, piece by piece. This etiquette rule is common, but is broken very often.

Have you ever been in an awkward situation when you didn’t know how to behave properly? Which modern etiquette rules do you know about? Please, share your stories and comments below!

Illustrated by Leisan Gabidullina for Bright Side