Only Those Who’ve Been on a Diet Will Know All the Agony of These 16 Photos

Anyone who’s ever been on a diet knows that the road to the perfect body is full of temptations and obstacles.

We at Bright Side recalled our own attempts at losing weight and gathered several situations that will be very familiar to all those who tried it as well.

When even the Universe itself tells you to stop eating.

When you can’t decide which is better: a slim body or food.

When you try cutting out sweets and someone brings home candy.

When you’ve decided to lose weight starting Monday but want to treat yourself to a snack before.

When you’re very meticulous about counting calories.

When you want to eat healthily but you’re damn bad at cooking.

When you’ve bought a gym pass but don’t have a clue what to do.

When you’ve made up a perfect diet schedule for yourself.

When exercise isn’t really you, but you try really hard.

When your coach allowed you to have some carbs.

When you’re a hair’s breadth away from giving in and to heck with it.

When you’ve been dieting for a full two hours and still aren’t slim yet.

When you’re not you because of hunger.

Or when excess weight goes away, though not from where you need it to.

When you cut yourself some slack.

When the summer’s finally over and you can eat anything you like again.

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