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People Admiringly Show the Most Unique Things They’ve Ever Held in Their Hands

Nothing beats the joy of stumbling upon something so unique, that if you tell your friends, they’d either envy you or refuse to believe you. People around the globe are proudly sharing their experience of finding something that’s considered to be one in a million by posting photos online and leaving people mesmerized.

We at Bright Side have found the rarest of the rare and compiled them in a list below. Which one of these things do you think is the most unique?

1. “Finally found my first Megalodon tooth after years of hunting shark teeth.”

2. Somebody found this magnificent Mexican blue-collared lizard.

3. “I had never seen a baby bat before, I thought maybe others hadn’t either.”

4. Ever wondered how big squids really are? A giant one washed up on New Zealand’s beach recently.

5. A flying fish: Yes, they exist. The image is not photoshopped. The Exocoetidae are fishes who have evolved and developed the ability to fly.

6. “A baby squid I found in Kallithea, Greece today”

7. “I just found a one in a million starfish.”

8. A Transparent Leaf — When the tissues of a leaf are damaged, the leaf loses its color and appears to be transparent. A crystal clear transparent leaf with a structure still intact is an amazingly rare find.

9. “My sister found an albino hedgehog in New Zealand.”

10. “While walking on the beach in Hawaii my wife and I found this glass ball that had become the home to a small marine ecosystem.”

11. A blue crayfish: Have you ever seen one?

12. Mastodon Tooth: “That’s a big tooth. It’s only partially rooted but I’m still pretty stoked about it. It’s by far one of the coolest things I have found while creek walking.”

13. Did you know that a baby platypus is called a puggle? The person below is holding one. Puggle-snuggle.

14. “I found this mammoth abalone shell at a vintage place. Yes, it came home with me. That’s my arm under there somewhere.”

15.“My nephew found a sea shell with squid eggs inside.”

16. “I found a leaf as big as the steering wheel in my car.”

17. According to Irish legend, whoever finds a clover with 5 leaves receives financial success. I guess someone is getting really wealthy.

18. This stone is perfectly shaped like a guitar pick. We wonder if it can play.

19. “This cotton candy lobster gets its color from either genetic mutations or low-pigment food sources.”

20. Have you ever found a baby fruit inside a grown-up fruit? This person found a mini-orange inside an orange.

21. “I found a rock shaped like an actual heart.”

22. Is it a rock? Is it a shell? It’s a crinoid. A sea creature related to a starfish. It’s also called sea lily.

23.“This strawberry I found in my garden looks like an orchid.”

24. “A chunk of quartz found in Arkansas worth $4 million.”

25. “This garlic I found in my garden. The entire head is one clove.”

Which one of these did you find the most interesting? What is the most unique thing you have found that you are proud of? Share your pictures in the comments and let us know!

Preview photo credit Nic0487 / Reddit, Tio76 / Reddit
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