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People Are Face Swapping With Their Pets, and It’s Both Weird and Hilarious

The face swapping trend conquered the hearts of many and has been popular for a number of years already. People use various phone apps and Snapchat filters to exchange their faces with friends and surroundings. But these creepy results weren’t enough, so it was decided to spice things up by face swapping with animals!

Today, we at Bright Side present you with 20 totally bizarre yet hilarious attempts of face swapping with pets that will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

20. This guy gets all the fangirls.

19. “Perfect face swaps don’t exi-”

18. “I was taken on a nice hike.”

17. “This is what technology has come to.”

16. Professor Cat

15. “I’m the owner of my hooman now!”

14. “Pupper face”

13. “Good boy, hooman.”

12. Gothic face swap

11. Nice beard, man...oh, wait...

10. Even photographers want to take part in the face swapping challenge.

9. Dogs and their owners end up resembling each other at some point.

8. “There’s a very specific kind of happiness that one feels upon seeing themselves in a dog/human face swap.”

7. “Snoop Dogg, literally.”

6. Enchanted cat

5. “Best faceswap evah!”

4. Un-cuted

3. Good-boy Woofenegger

2. “Me and my dogs.”

1. “A boy and his dog”

Which attempt did you find the most successful and hilarious? Have you ever tried to face swap with your animal? How did it go? Share your experience with us in the comment section!

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