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15+ Photos From Australia That Fill Our Hearts With Hope

The fires in Australia have been causing damage for months. They ate up nearly 18 million acres of land. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate and millions of animals have suffered. However, for every dark night, there is a brighter day.

We at Bright Side found these 17 photos that prove life always finds a way.

1. Firefighters and rescuers braved the fires to help.

2. The Australian Army and the New Zealand Defence Force teamed up to help koalas on their days off.

3. Over 600 bats were evacuated from the fires, including these blanket burrito babies.

4. “A wildlife caregiver soothes a burned kangaroo at the Possumwood Wildlife Recovery Center.”

5. “Nature’s bouncing back here in Australia.”

6. A teddy bear can make anyone feel just a little bit better.

7. Possums also like to cuddle up with new friends.

8. “Can’t remember how long since it rained like this in South Australia. The whole family is playing in the rain.”

9. Life always finds a way to grow and create...

10. Wildlife Warriors, created by Steve & Terri Irwin, have helped a lot of babies have a chance.

11. Here’s to all the veterinarians and nurses helping orphaned animals.

12. The Glenhaven Rural Fire Brigade is praising the rain after terrible heat, drought, and bushfires.

13. Everyday people have been finding and helping lost animals.

14. “Neighbors helping out strangers during the Australian bushfires. Everything helps and it all adds up!!”

15. “This amazing, selfless young guy has been out searching for injured wildlife. This is one of 7 koalas he’s saved so far.”

16. These firefighters gave a lot to help animals... even lending their helmet to give a possum a place to sleep.

17. Here’s hoping all those firefighters got their well-deserved rest.

Do you know any other stories when people selflessly helped others? Please share them with us in the comments!