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People Are Finding Their Look-alikes in Famous Paintings, and Now We Wonder If Time Travel Really Exists

For all art-lovers, the biggest priority while traveling abroad is museum visits. Imagine walking around admiring precious works of art from the 18th century and realizing that one of the portraits on the wall looks exactly like you!

When Twitter user @cdaenerys opened up about the subject of doppelgangers in museums nobody knew that it would go viral with people all around the world sharing their unbelievable shots with their fine art look-alikes.

Bright Side made a compilation of all of these people who accidentally discovered their identical twins in famous old paintings and took the time to take a selfie with them. And it was totally worth it!

1. If you don’t believe in time travel, watch this.

2. Unfortunately, today he forgot his helmet.

3. This lady found her grandmother at the Louvre.

4. Vincent Van Gogh looks really handsome in person.

5. The girl from The Broken Pitcher grew up looking exactly the same.

6. Blue Madonna missing her blue veil

7. “Found my 18th-century Dutch boy doppelgänger!”

8. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Nicolas the 2nd!

9. Wait a minute...where did the green scarf go?

10. We lost our voices.

11. We’re convinced that it’s the same person.

12. “It was nice going to the museum with my granny to meet my great-great-great grandfather.”

13. He was pretty surprised when the audio-guide said his name.

14. This guy looks much happier out of the painting. Good for him!

15. Same guy, more casual outfit

16. That’s really cute indeed!

17. Pretty sure his dog is taking the picture.

18. Just a regular ancient portrait here...

19. This guy says he’s a king, and we believe him.

20. 2 friends found themselves at MoMA’s latest exhibition.

21. “Found my dopplegänger from half a century ago in an art museum in Zurich.”

22. “I thought that head looked familiar...”

23. “Can you leave the black cardigan on the side for a minute, please?”

Bonus: It’s not a painting, but let’s take a minute to meet in person at the “Laughing Vase” in Toledo.

Which of the pictures do you think shows the greatest resemblance? If you’ve ever found yourself in a museum or a gallery, share your selfies with your art-twin in the comments below, we’d love to see them!