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People Are Sharing Hacks That Are So Ridiculous, They Have the Internet in Stitches

We’ve all been there — a tough everyday situation that forces you to get creative. Maybe you’ve got a broken phone screen, an empty fridge, or simply want to avoid doing an ordinary task. Whatever it may be, ridiculously creative life hacks will always swoop in to save the day.

We at Bright Side have compiled a list of absurd life hacks that not only have us in stitches but might also actually work!

1. When you’re in need of a good hiding place for valuables:

2. When your laptop won’t stay open on its own:

3. Instead of cleaning dishes, print out a picture of a clean sink and place it on top of the dirty dishes:

4. When your charging cable doesn’t reach the floor:

5. When you don’t want to share:

6. When your screen is broken but you can’t afford a new phone:

7. When you really want that split-screen experience:

8. When the kids refuse to take their medicine:

9. When there just isn’t enough room on your plate:

10. When there aren’t enough shelves in your closet:

11. When the toaster isn’t working:

12. When you don’t have a meat tenderizer lying around:

13. When some spots are just too hard to reach:

14. When your laptop is overheating:

15. When you’re sick of crying because of onions:

16. When you’ve had enough with broken ornaments:

17. When the lock is broken and there’s only a knife around:

18. When there’s an uncomfortable slit in the bathroom door:

19. When you can’t be bothered with ordinary tasks:

20. When your iPad is too heavy to hold:

What are some other fun life hacks you’ve come across? Or maybe you’ve tried some of these yourself! We’d love to hear about your experience and have a laugh.

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