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People Are Turning Random Photos Into Ridiculous Memes, and We Can’t Get Enough of Their Magic

It seems like in the modern world, we all have an eye for things that might go viral and become a meme. Literally anything can inspire you, be it your cute pet caught playing around, a screenshot from your favorite movie, or even some mishap you’ve had. With some imagination all these things can turn into something creatively hilarious.

We at Bright Side love to laugh and want you to look at these silly memes. Maybe you’ll even find yourself in some of them.

1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

2. Me: I wonder if this thing will break if I keep bending it...

*thing breaks*


3. When you ask your dog what they have in their mouth:

4. Me: Moves one picture in Word slightly

Microsoft Word:

5. What a cool way to make new friends!

6. Pretty much explains my life.

7. All 6 of my brain cells assembling so I can spell “necessary”

8. That one person in the group chat who never talks, but reads everything

9. The story of our lives

10. When you open the spaghetti sauce jar on your first try:

11. Me creating new accounts to get one month free trials:

12. When you are at a family reunion:

13. When you mix different groups of friends on your birthday:

14. Discrimination like this is why I’m unemployed.

15. When you google something to support your argument and realize you’re wrong:

16. Run, Forrest, run!

17. Me on my last attempt at my password before I get locked out of my account:

18. When you are in the backseat, desperately trying to be a part of the front seat conversation:

19. Me chugging water in the kitchen at 3 am while also watching out for ghosts and demons:

Which meme could you relate to the most? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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