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People Caught 19 Real-Life Glitches That Look Like They’re Straight Out of a Video Game

Glitches in our real-life Matrix have been happening for a long time. But each day brings another opportunity for surprising images, almost proving that we’re living in a video game. It might be a dinosaur-looking cactus or 2 old men in the same outfit who obviously don’t know each other making you doubt your sanity.

Here at Brightside we’ve collected 19 photos that might make you feel like your life is glitching.

1. I think this cactus is trying to get back to Jurassic World.

2. They desperately need help.

3. Have you ever seen a deflated egg?

4. These ladies...

5. It feels like this water doesn’t want to do its job.

6. I didn’t know hamsters deflated when they slept.

7. One party is just never enough.

8. Do you still doubt that your life is a video game?

9. It’s an easy choice, come on.

10. Please, just be an art project.

11. My life’s video quality is not as good as I wanted it to be.

12. I think the sky is buffering.

13. Are they twins? Or just 2 stylish guys hanging out?

14. I think my bath is not a fan of water.

15. One too many apples

16. An RPG location came to life

17. Alternative realities interconnected too fast.

18. The Matrix is not even trying anymore.

19. I’m not even going to ask how it got there.

If you have similar photos of life glitching right before your eyes, please share them in the comments below.

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