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People Lost Their Minds, and Their 20+ Photos Are the Evidence

Have you ever scrolled through someone's photos on social media and wondered, "How on earth?!" If you're like us, you'd give the world to understand what their logic was in these crazy situations.

For this article, we've collected a wide variety of these types of photos. We don't know the stories behind all of them but we can guarantee that they will both surprise you and make you laugh.

Here at Bright Side, we've gathered 26 photos that defy all logic and make us laugh out loud.

1. It doesn't seem like the urinal is that hungry for popcorn.

2. Squirrels are getting really industrious, they now prefer stairs or elevators!

3. A spidery tea party

4. A bowl full of fruit loops

5. The only logical explanation is that this person is serving milk to someone they hate.

6. How to prank your vegan friends:

7. Has anyone ever tried this Cheetos lock? Does it work?

8. This boy was born with an "explanation face".

9. This awesome bike protection translates to: "Nothing to steal here, just a pizza."

10. Hopefully, this person will find out why mustard and vanilla don't go well together.

11. These are the kinds of 4-year-olds that people can't trust.

12. Sweet boater-cycle, buddy!

13. This palm tree has seen some impressive stuff in its life.

14. This explains all of our injuries.

15. Salad with a side of confusion and bleeding

16. The box was NOT big enough for this memory card.

17. This supermarket employee knew exactly what they were doing.

18. We usually put them in our water. Who knew you could use them this way?

19. The real hot dog

20. This pizza is as delicious as the damage it causes.

21. "Here take this, trust me."

22. "Honey, let me introduce you to Jared Longneck!"

23. He is here to keep you company. You can roll him by pulling his ear, mustache, or nose.

24. The kitchen table was occupied.

25. Spider-car

If their plan was to make the car climb the wall, then congratulations to them. However, we have a feeling that it didn't end well.

26. The barbecue rider

Which of these photos did you find the most interesting? Do you have a possible explanation for any of them? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to share this with your friends to make their day!

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