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People on the Internet Are Arguing About 11 Things Everyone Does Differently, and It’s Too Hard to Stay Aside

We don’t give a second thought to the simplest things we do daily, but if we see someone else doing it differently, it feels like the ultimate betrayal of our beliefs. It’s funny that no one cares until we talk about it, and when we do, it’s everyone for themselves.

We at Bright Side put together a list of popular debates that send people into a frenzy and need to be settled once and for all.

1. Ice cream: lick or bite

  • “WHY DO PEOPLE LICK IT?? THAT TAKES TOO LONG. You bite it and let it melt in your mouth.” — @sadgirljoon
  • “People who bite ice cream and don’t flinch, are the same people who call Smash Bros ‘Super Smash’ and pour milk first then cereal.” — @AnnetteSaki

2. Pizza crust: eat or leave

  • “It’s like getting free breadsticks after eating the rest of the pizza.” — @YaB0iMcF1y
  • “Pizza is just a vehicle for cheese and other delicious toppings. If I eat the crust, I get less of the good stuff.” — @brinalwyrprncss

3. Shower: in the morning or at night

  • I don’t trust people who shower in the morning. — @caroline_parke
  • Always morning! Everyone sweats while they sleep, so for me it would be nasty going into work like that. — @ArticulateASMR

4. Toilet paper: fold or scrunch

5. String cheese: peel or bite

  • “I’m an adult, I don’t have time to peel it anymore.” — @burtclaws

  • “It’s called string cheese for a reason.” — @SammyCinnabun

6. Cereal: milk before or after

  • “Do people pour hot fudge first and then scoop ice cream over it?! Of course cereal goes first!” — @PrintPotentate

  • “I pour milk first, then I don’t have to worry about the cereal getting soggy because I put too much of it. You can add just as much cereal as you want and if you’re out of milk, you don’t need to put it all inside and make a mess. I don’t care what people say, I put milk first.” — @bLaZe_ee

7. Kit Kat: bite the whole thing or snap

  • "If you don’t bite into your KitKats then you’re doing it wrong. Change my mind." — @sulliops
  • "My youngest son has just bitten into a KitKat without separating it, literally took a big bite out of all 4 fingers." — @alexandrabarr10

8. Sandwiches: cut into triangles or rectangles

  • “They taste nicer when they’re triangular.” — @1superdukeBlack
  • “Is a triangle cut sandwich really better than a rectangle cut, or is it just another false construct of society to keep us docile?” — @sexyfacts4u

9. Toilet paper roll: over or under

  • "Do you put the toilet paper roll on the right way or the murderer way?" — @firstdateqs
  • "Do you roll the toilet paper over or under? I prefer over, but it's clear that I live with people that prefer under." — @jujuniper

10. Ketchup: on fries or on the side

  • "Side, I'm not an animal." — @APetrelak
  • "Both, it depends on if I'm eating in or getting it to go." — @gsusoccermom1

11. Eating mac and cheese: fork or spoon

  • "I'm blocking all the fork people. Congratulations on being reported to Twitter for spreading hate." — @MikeDrucker
  • "There should be a REGISTRY for spoon people. You should be ashamed of yourselves." — @laurenduca

Where do you stand on these debates?

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