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People Share Soul-Stirring Stories That Prove There’s Still Hope for Humanity

Kindness makes the world go 'round. No matter what the political relationships are between countries, no matter who the president is, the most important part are the people. And as long as there are people who are ready to share their kindness with others, this planet has a chance.

We at Bright Side have collected several stories proving that there is a lot of kindness around us. All we have to do is take a good look.

Toucan gets a 3D printed beak after it’s beaten by a group of teens

A policeman stopped a driver because his lights didn't work and then helped him fix them.

This man buys medals at auctions and returns them to the veterans who earned them.

This seat in the Delta Lounge is for the people who got a middle seat on the plane. These passengers also get a free cookie and a drink.

A woman created public boxes where anyone can put things that other people might need.

When this girl ran out of gas a homeless man helped her and spent the last $20 he had. In order to thank him, the girl started a fundraising campaign and people have donated over $400,000.

Instead of going to school this boy stopped at a cafe and asked for food because his family was struggling. The owner realized what was going on and offered to feed his family once a day in exchange for his completed homework.

A blind cat used to live in a cage inside an animal shelter because the other cats attacked him. Now he has found his forever home.

"Our neighborhood got battered by Irma. Many without power. As I was driving to see the damage to my properties, I saw these amazing folks. South Florida really gathers together in times of need. Free Wi-Fi, phone charging, and coffee for anybody who needed it."

"These gentlemen make around a thousand toy tops for Ronald McDonald House each year. I felt that their generosity deserved to be seen."

His dog has trouble walking and he found a solution so they can still enjoy their walks together.

This barber wasn’t feeling well because of a cold, so an old friend helped sweep up the hair for him.

Dad's job keeps him from his kid's graduation, but he telecasts in, from space!!

This man's son committed suicide. After that, he put this sign over his head and walked thousands of miles.

Johnny Depp visits children's hospitals dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

We are sure that our subscribers have a lot of kind stories from their lives. Share them with us in the comment section below!

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