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People Share Stupefying Moments They’ve Snapped During Their Day

The Latin maxim, ‘Errare humanum est’ suggests that making mistakes is very common in humans and it's simply part of their nature. Having a good laugh at mistakes made by others is just as human, especially when these mistakes are so stupefying, you can’t believe your eyes!

We often see some funny things in our everyday lives but we're not always quick enough to capture them.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve come up with a collection of pictures capturing hilarious moments that are sure to make you smile.

1. Anybody order a double bun burger?

2. It's bad to peep!

3. If you accidentally throw away the package, you can still see the expiration date.

4. Too low in caffeine.

5. Lies! Lies everywhere!

6. Super strong makeup remover

7. When a spell checker would come in handy:

8. Bugs Bunny looks puzzled.

9. We can't even imagine how this happened.

10. How is it supposed to function?

11. No need to worry, the door is locked.

12. Something went wrong with that pretzel...

13. Sponge Bob, cyclops version

14. "So they don't want me to turn off the light?"

15. In case of a fire, firefighters literally use the stairs.

16. How thoughtful!

17. And the saga of the gold dress continues.

18. How did it lose its eye?

19. No matches found.

20. Pplease, sstop.

21. Excellent food preservation

22. When the wrong spelling changes the meaning:

23. Irony itself

24. Stop and think.

Which of these pictures seemed the funniest to you? Have you ever witnessed anything that stupefying? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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