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People Talk About the First Time They Realized They Had a Mental Illness (and Their Stories Are More Than Just Comments on the Internet)

More than 300 million people suffer from depression and it’s cited as the main reason why people stop working. This is why it’s so important to get rid of the stigma around this and mental illness in general. Who knew that a simple discussion on the internet could help us do that. A Reddit user asked people who have mental illnesses about the first time they admitted that they were having trouble.

This post garnered almost 9,000 comments and we at Bright Side want to draw your attention to some of these stories. Each of them is more than just a comment from a stranger.

  • When I realized that my emotions were so flat that I couldn’t even get properly angry anymore. @I_Automate

  • When I could hardly move and took me 5 minutes to put on a pair of sweatpants. My body was shutting down and my organs were failing. Brain fog and lack of energy. Anorexia literally takes everything from you behind your back while telling you that you are doing great. @DenchBoyz10

  • When feeling sad everyday no longer felt “abnormal.” It just started to seem normal and then it became the only thing I felt, preceding numbness as the days went by. @tastylifts

  • I had post-partum depression. What I didn’t know when I had it was that it can begin before you have the baby and peak long after. I knew something was wrong when I went into my midwife’s office for my 6-week appointment, handed her my baby to hold, and kinda hoped she would keep him for a few years. @OriDoodle

  • When even the most simple, routine tasks became too overwhelming — cleaning up, returning a call/text — virtually everything beyond lying in bed. @JerseySophie

  • When I failed a class for the first time because of panic attacks, even though I had fantastic grades on assignments and tests (surgical practicum was 50% of the grade, failed it twice due to panic attacks during prep). I realized at that point, that this probably wasn’t normal. @pharmakarma1337

  • When I didn’t leave the house for 2 weeks straight and I hadn’t messaged any of my friends back in months. I’m currently looking for a therapist. @Iced—Tea

  • I’m a veteran with a complex form of PTSD. I knew it was bad when my kids would wake me up from the bedroom doorway because they were too scared to get any closer to wake me up, just in case I lashed out. Or I’d catch them looking at my eyes all the time. I asked my wife why they were doing it and she said, “Oh, to see if it’s safe to talk to you,” or “If you were in the same room as them or spacing out.” I would overhear them planning the family holiday or day trips, and they would discuss if I would be comfortable, like, “can’t go there it will be too crowded,” “nope far too noisy.” My smart kids knew I was in trouble way before I did. @Boat1690

  • When I was not able to accept a phone call, go shopping, or even go outside, because I was afraid that someone would see me. @Dexikovicek

  • I was completely and utterly convinced that the only way my husband could be happy would be if I were to commit suicide. I wasn’t sleeping at night and had lost 30 lbs in a few weeks because I wasn’t eating. Somehow a tiny portion of myself knew something was wrong, so I sought out help. Ended up being diagnosed with Bipolar 1. @PalomaMisa

  • When all my therapists were telling me I was wrong when I clearly thought I was right. @poetically_incorrect

  • When you read articles or posts about it and think “Oh, that’s exactly what I’m feeling and going through.” @elisaadmv

  • A car almost hit me and I realized I was ok with that. I wouldn’t necessarily hurt myself, but I might not stop myself from being hurt. @unknown

  • I started getting really irritated with everyone and especially myself. My mood fluctuated. Scenarios would play out in my head, I’d cry. Then I’d snap out and laugh at how ridiculous I was just being. @ZebraCakeExpress

  • When I was constantly causing problems at work. Even getting fired from one job and suspended from another. @grumblecakes1

  • I knew a lot of depressed people on the internet and I would often talk to them, eventually, I realized I was experiencing many of the same feelings they were. I didn’t really want to admit I was depressed but I started learning what depression actually is. @ImOnlyChasingSafety

  • When reality stopped feeling real. @jolimau

  • When I noticed it in my son. @nooomaam

  • I knew something was wrong when I literally felt absolutely nothing. I almost left my partner of 2 years, at the time, because I felt it was terribly unfair to him to be with someone who never wanted to be touched, didn’t want to have sex anymore, and didn’t feel anything but anger and sadness inside. I had panic attacks so bad that I couldn’t stand to be alone with him and I didn’t know why. @piccolowerinstrument

  • When my mom mentioned to me that crying for hours every day actually isn’t normal. I hid it so well that I suffered for over a year from crying every day and wishing I would get hit by a bus. I figured everyone had a rough transition from college to the real world and that daily crying was normal. @jay-eye-elle-elle-

  • When I needed stitches for self-harm wounds. I was delusional about it all until then. @10bravegrapefruits

  • When my husband said, “I think we have to go to the hospital now. You’re not okay, and I don’t know what to do. I’m really scared.” @Netflix_and_backrubs

  • I started packing up my stuff in boxes so my parents wouldn’t have to clean my room after they found my body. I was thinking about how thoughtful this was, and then asked myself how much I would care if my brother had done this. Would I be grateful that he had made his suicide less inconvenient for me? No, I’d be heartbroken that he left without trying to get help. @number1booty

We hope that you and the people you know will never have to go through the challenges these people have to go through. But if you suspect that you have mental health issues, please don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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