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People Who Are 50% Lazy and 50% Genius

One of the fundamental aspects of laziness is efficiency. People who want things done are more likely to get them done quicker when they are lazy rather than when they are inspired. Even though laziness has a negative stigma associated with it, sometimes there are some lazy geniuses who know how to get things done quick, right, and on time.

We at Bright Side gathered a list of some lazy geniuses that are full of creativity and innovation. Even though some of these may seem a little far-fetched, the only thing we can do is congratulate these enlightened minds.

1. When you're too lazy to do the dishes but you still need cereal and tea.

2. If your headlight is broken, then flashlights will do the trick.

3. When your hands are too tired, but you still gotta eat:

4. When you don't want to move but you still need to cook:

5. Lemon infused water

6. When you need to decorate your tree, but your tree is trapped in the box:

7. If you don't need your dandelions, donate them.

8. Lazy or genius glasses?

9. When restaurants replace plates with tea towels:

10. Pre-toasted bread

11. When you know how to get your job done without any extra effort:

12. This lazy drinker with the Christmas tree still up:

13. The kid with the excellent coloring skills

14. When you run out of clean glasses, but you still need your lemonade:

15. Why get a protective mat when you can put socks on your chair?

16. Master pumpkin skills

17. Laziness level is getting close to 1,000.

18. Why put a reminder on your phone when you can just tie your bag to your lunch?

19. This is the file cabinet smoker.

20. When you need to work smarter NOT harder:

21. When you need a ride:

Which of these images did you think was the smartest and which ones made you feel like they were pure lazy? Please let us know in the comments. Don't forget to share this with your friends to make their day!

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