People Who Are Always Late Become More Successful. Wait, What?

People who are always late aren’t trying to disrespect you, according to researchers. Psychologically, there are just 2 types of people. The first type (type A) is more aggressive, self-critical, competitive, and time-sensitive.

The second one (type B) tends to be late, patient, and easy-going. At the same time, they have attributes that help them to be more successful.

We at Bright Side decided to study this topic and find an explanation of why tardy people can be very lucky in a professional way.

Because they are more creative.

Type B personalities express a higher level of imagination. This is especially helpful for them in creative jobs. They are not afraid to break a rule and go outside of the established boundaries. The tendency is to look at the bigger picture and to not stick to the details. This is a personality trait of entrepreneurs and leaders who become successful more often than others.

During work, they can lose all sense of time, but despite this, they can perform at high levels and get really great results.

Because they are optimists.

Studies revealed that people who are late can be more optimistic. Because of this quality, they have more of a tendency to succeed in life and to not give up.

Psychologist Martin Seligman conducted research that showed that the most optimistic salespeople sold 88% more than the most pessimistic ones. Basically, optimists keep moving forward, even if there is a problem because they always believe there are options.

Because they are multitasking.

If your friend is always late, it’s probably not because they’re lazy. There are some people who try to do everything at once, which makes them more likely to succeed. Being a multitasker very often leads to them losing their sense of time.

The thing is, you need to have this quality under control and try to organize the day in a way that is good for everyone and not make anyone wait.

Because they are more relaxed.

A type B personality is more relaxed because they have a lower level of anxiety. This makes them resist stress better. If there is something urgent, they don’t get in a panic. This quality is very important at work because less stress, means better work.

They might be late, but they will make fewer mistakes. There is just nothing that can’t wait.

Because they are perfectionists.

You are getting ready for a meeting. You change your shirt, then fix your makeup, then check to see if the iron is turned off, twice. At the end of all of this, you are late.

Another study suggests that being in the habit of trying to do everything perfectly makes you late, but a good worker. You don’t finish anything halfway and try to complete your job perfectly. It’s no wonder why people like this get promotions.

Are you a tardy person? Have you ever noticed that people who are always late, are very successful in life? Please share your opinion with us!

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