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People Who Experienced the Pain of Disappointment When They Least Expected It

Many of us have learned the hard way that not all expectations always match our reality. The people you’re about to see in this article have found themselves in some very sticky situations.

Bright Side gathered a hilarious list of photos that showcase the taste of disappointment.

“My daughter was excited about her first computer homework, but then she had her first experience with Windows Update instead.”

Childhood dreams about being a grownup are nothing compared to the harsh reality.

“Thank you, Amazon, for this $500 rock.”

When you’re not sure what to do with all the money:

Visit Hong Kong to take a photo like this? No, thank you.

I ordered a dish in a high-class restaurant...

“This is a photo of my academic adviser during my diploma presentation.”

How come the sign isn’t at the top of the slide?

“Take a photo of glorious me on that stone.”

Because hope never dies...

I have no faith in humanity anymore.

What was the purpose of such a big pack?

Honesty is a powerful thing.

The biggest realization of your adult life...

When you’re tired of people misunderstanding:

People who made this sandwich should eat it every day.

A man spent $26,000 on plastic surgery to look just like David Beckham.

This is what manufacturers mean when they speak about the significant difference:

It’s just not his day.

What if you started mocking millionares?

“Go surfing in Canda, they said. It will be fun, they said.”

Bonus: that moment when you ordered wireless earphones on AliExpress.

Have you ever been as disappointed as the people in this article? Share your stories and photos in the comments!

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