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People Who Must Have Broken a Lot of Mirrors in Their Lives Based on Their Pictures

Poor Unfortunate Souls may just be a famous Disney song written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, but after reading this list, you'll remember why the song is so relevant.

Here at Bright Side, sometimes seeing the more unfortunate moments in life can trigger compassion... and laughter too, of course.

Oh, the irony

A Texas-sized amount of disappointment

"Some flowers I bought for my mom on Mother’s Day. Left is the pic from the online catalog, right is what got delivered."

Now that's a first!

A welding disaster

A lot of blueberries to clean up

Top quality mailbox installation

There goes that proposal...

"My friend’s kid did this to their pantry."

"Halfway through the tub of trail mix before noticing spider webs. No spider found, probably already swallowed it."

"I just wanted to peel the foil off my drinking chocolate!"

This ice cream cake was too powerful.

So close to death

These mice decided to build a home in an ATM.

A bus driver accidentally took out a historical meteorological station from the 19th century with his mirror.

Poor pizzas. All alone with no one to eat them.

"I hate claw machines."

"Oh no" is right.

These stall doors

"Turns out this glass bowl I was using wasn't heat resistant."

This must have been emotional for the workmen.

Which one of these photos was most cringe-worthy? Be sure to share your views with us in the comment section!

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