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People Whose Lives Flashed Before Their Eyes

We hope that you’ll never have such moments in your life when you want to laugh and scream in pain simultaneously. But that’s what happened to the heroes in this article. Would you dare to take a look?

Bright Side gathered photos that will confuse you to the point where you won’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Either way, it’s pretty hard not to sympathize with anyone who finds themselves in the positions you’re about to see.

25. “My dad said I’d lose the inheritance if I posted this.”

24. “My mom almost crashed her car today because a snake started coming out of the vents while she was driving.”

23. Right before a wasp flew into their photo:

22. Thunderous fail:

21. This is what dedication to the sport looks like:

20. “It’ll be fun,” they said.

19. We hope she waited an hour after eating...

18. They should sell insurance along with front-row tickets...

17. “Sit down, relax, have a drink...”

16. When the world is unstable:

15. Get the best of both worlds — the sky and the sea.

14. Not all outdoor games are good for your health...

13. This photo is just perfect.

12. “One of the scariest things from my childhood.”

11. When you can find adventure anywhere:

10. They couldn’t get a better photo than this even if they tried.

9. This is why they say, “Keep your eyes on the ball!”

8. Everybody knows this feeling:

7. There must’ve been a safer

6. When it’s too early to celebrate, but you really want a cool photo with a fish:

5. You can just hear the cat saying, “And we’re going for a smooth landing here, folks.”

4. And the baby is happy!

3. Well, that was a bad idea...

2. “Oh no, that’s just the house guard.” — Birds

1. “I said, moo-ve.”

Do you have any fantastic photos capturing the milliseconds before something hilarious happened? Share with us in the comments!

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