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People Whose Savagery Knows No Bounds

The word savage has been getting used more and more these days. The actual definition of it is not very positive and it's not intended as a compliment, however, due to the usage of the word and its association with hilarity and rebelliousness, it turned into something rather positive and complimentary.

Here at Bright Side, we've collected some funny images from people who are so savage, they make you laugh and admire them at the same time. Enjoy!

1. This man is definitely not enjoying this painting class and is not shy about saying so.

2. Touché, Supercuts.

3. Moral of the story, don't piss off your sister!

4. "I can hear the other cat saying, 'Why are you squishing it, I could fit in there.' "

5. This professor doesn't believe in emails and forces you to go into class just to be notified that there is no class.

6. Some people are THAT lazy.

7. Grammar ain't that important.

8. Boots made for hot weather

9. This professor knows how to dispose of late assignments.

10. "I don't trust people who eat their pizza this way."

11. When your life is in danger but you gotta finish the game:

12. "I just need one more perfect shot of this!"

13. This Bentley is starring in the new movie, NEED FOR SEED.

14. When you see this kind of glitter, you just have to put it on display...

15. "Girlfriend packed my lunch after our argument the previous night."

16. Not sure if they repaired the footpath or vandalized it...

17. Pull what?

18. People who squish money like stress balls

19. The most savage sibling

20. Don't mess with parking attendants.

21. This grandma should be everyone's grandma.

22. What are you doing, Karen?

23. We should care more about Waldo's mental health than his whereabouts.

24. The tall guy strategy

Which one of these images is your favorite? Which one made you laugh the most? Please let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to share this with your savage friends to make their day!

Preview photo credit SwischerSweet / twitter
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